Your first news post!

By Allied Women in Engineering
schedule5th Feb 23

Adding news to your microsite is easy; you can write about almost anything;

  • Add a news story or update about your business
  • Blog about what’s happened during the week
  • Scribe your opinions on the skills shortage
  • Write a thought leadership article
  • Tell us about a new piece of equipment
  • Highlight some charitable work the business has done.

Your news page is flexible. Once you upgrade to full membership, your news posts spread their wings. Every time you post to your microsite, it will also appear in other areas of the main website pages; in addition, all of the news you publish to your microsite gets added to our weekly newsletter. Our news digest has thousands of subscribers; these include all users on the platform and decision-makers within Midlands and Yorkshire industry

We amplify your news; if you’ve got a good product and your service is good, you need to share this with the manufacturing community.